Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

-Parents get into an argument.
-Negi has a half sister.
-Putas wore lots of perfume, jewelery, dresses that cut low to show off the breast, high heels to pump there calves, and hairspray.
-Men are sinverguenzas.
-Negi seems like a techers pet.

- Why do her parents argue so much?
-Were did the dad go that he didnt come back until a few days later?
-Why doesnt there mom like Marge's mom?
-Why do they end up moving?



1) the main point of this chapter was to find out that they were gonna move and that Negi has a step sister


Chapter 4:

5- negi starts school
when her mom was fed up with macum and their dad she would run away to Santurce.
negi recited a poem for her class
talked about christmas
sees her uncle

4- WHy does her mom get tired of Macun?
why does rita act like that?
why does negis mom have so many kids?
why do they say that about killing animals?

3- grove- small woods


1- negi finally starts school, and also starts to improve on her english


Chapter 5:

5- negi talks about her teacher
you could tell the difference between the americans and puerto ricans.
the spanish and english were talkin about eachtoher.
they were at some type of meeting
they think there cussin is rich because they have clothes to give away

4-why are the spanish and white acting like they hate eachother?
why does negi always have to act like the adult and take the responsibility
why does she like to write letters?
why doesnt she keep a diary?


Monday, October 13, 2008

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Chapter: 2 jibara

Esmerelda lives in Puerto Rico.
She lives in a rectangle of metal sheetsz on stilts.
She touches the metal on the house and it burns her fingers. That's how hot it is in Puerto Rico.
The floor is made out of wood that his hammered into the ground.
There daqd always carries around a portable radio.

Why does it seem like they live in the middle of no where?
Why does there mom not like when Esmerelda helps her dad?
Why doesnt Esmerelda feel the termites biting her until her mom points it out?
Why doesn't the dad defend her?

3- kindling: material that can be readily ignited; used to start a fire
intractiblilty: not easy to control or direct
cackling: to utter a shrill; broken sound or cry

2- NONE yet

1- They are in there house and at the end they are packing up